The Movado Revolution

The Movado group was started by what Fidel Castro would have called a counter revolutionist, his secret police actually did while Gerry Grinberg was jailed in Havana in 1960 and he was slated for execution. He was an entrepreneur and did not want to have any part of the Castro regime so he and his family escaped to America where he became the head of a $300 million watch company after much hard work. He was recognized by the Jewelry Industry Council and received the first Lifetime Achievement Award for his ability to successfully market luxury watches.
When he was not working at Movado he was appreciating art, he became personal friends with Andy Warhol, he supported the American Ballet Theater and lived in the Upper West Side of Manhattan. He was friends with powerful political people such as Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton, Gerald Ford, Henry Kissinger, Princess Diana and artists such as Mikhail Baryshnikov.
Grinberg has always been a humble and private man, however, he maintains a hint of his Cuban accent and admits that he has always been fascinated with watches. He sold other brands as a kid and always made a profit, he considers himself a good salesman. As a young man he left the watch selling business to go to business school as he had a gift for numbers and loved marketing.
Soon he joined Fabian Weiss, the most successful watch dealer in Cuba, as a partner and was taught the business in order to succeed him. Grinberg excelled at marketing watches and was taught the business aspects from Weiss and marketing from Adolph Vallat who managed Omega in Switzerland. Grinberg implemented Vallat's system in Cuba and added the Piaget line. All went well until Castro came into the picture.
After much hard work and after leaving Miami, Grinberg ended up in New York, his first watch company was Concord. His plan was to use quartz technology as the Japanese were gaining market share with Seiko and he developed an ETA -ligne movement for the Concord. In 1965 Nathan George Horwitt designed the iconic Museum Watch; he accused Grinberg of copying his design in the Piaget dial. Horwitt was an industrial designer influenced by Bauhaus, he was also a photographer, farmer, inventor, activist and writer. No one would market his watch, it was too minimalist. It was accepted by the Museum of Modern Art in New York and the Museum models were sold in the United States alone. Horwitt sued Grinberg for copying his design and lost, other watch companies were named and they lost to Horwitt. Grinberg repeatedly tried to buy Movado and finally one day he succeeded taking the Museum watch on as his centerpiece and creating a line of watches around it. He is truly an American success story and Movado is a major force in the luxury watch market.

Handbags – The Stylish Fashion Accessories

There are several fashion accessories that the women in the present era use to flaunt their style appeals. However, the handbags are the ultimate accessories that allow them to add charisma to their overall personalities. Even if the dress is not very appealing and the woman is carrying an impressive handbag, it offsets the attention of the observer and makes up for the weaknesses in attires. This is the reason women carry their handbags wherever they go and match it with wardrobe options according to the events they attend. The handbags are available in versatile materials and unlimited colors and styles.
These handbags can be carried from morning till evening to exude elegance and style. The trendy colors and the contemporary textures of the handbags make the selection of the women flaunting it,impressive and a definition of her personality type. When buying the handbags one has to check carefully the accessories of the handbags. The logos, zippers and the signature buttons of the handbags should be checked to identify the faulty ones, which drastically reduce the value of the handbags. The handbags are the perfect gifts to give to the women one loves and adores.
There are many options available in the ranges of the handbags for one to choose from. Some of the most lauded handbags are the leather fossil bags that come in all shapes and sizes and have a resistance against the general wear and tear. One can buy their favorite handbags from not only the real markets, but also the endless procurement options available through the World Wide Web.
One of the most unique and romantic gifts that can be given to any woman is a photo handbag. One can get a memorable digital photograph to be embedded on the sides of the handbags to present it as a gift that makes an ideal giveaway for anniversaries etc. For the women who are looking for class and durability in the handbags should opt for the handmade handbags that can be customized according to the storage needs.
One can add coin compartments or the document compartment to their handmade bags or reduce their number in order to get a handbag that perfectly matches the preferences and the likes of the women. In order to enjoy the best of the deals of the handbags make sure to buy the handbags through the online stores that are offering discounts for their online customers as a move to encourage their virtual earnings. This way one might be able to get the latest in the handbags collection in lower than market price.

How to Buy a Luxury Watch That Stands the Test of Time – 3 Step Guide

It seems that people want a luxury watch for many different reasons. Some choose to keep up with the latest trends & use watches as fashion accessories. Others have specific requirements & want a stop watch or something they can wear for sports, they may even partake in pursuits that take them beyond the deep & need a watch that will be waterproof.
Whether you want a watch that is reliable & will just tell the time at a twist of the wrist or something that is an extension of your personality & says something about you as an individual here is my 3 step guide to help you make your purchase
1. Recognise a good thing when you see it
One of the most important things to consider when buying a luxury watch online is to ensure your supplier is selling genuine authentic items. Just imagine how disappointed, let alone angry you would feel if on opening your package you found that the serial number had been scratched of or didn't even have one & was in fact a replica.
There is no need to be alarmed, that is not the intention as there are many respectable sites from whom you can purchase a genuine model with a manufacturers guarantee. Fore warned is forearmed as they say, just make sure you can trust your online retailer. Look for stores that have secure purchase symbols & authentication services, videos & customer feedback & reviews.
2. Choose Wisely When You Make Your Purchase
If you are one of those people who likes to physically see an item before you purchase it, then why not visit a local store & view a selection of luxury watches. That way there will no chance you will be let down when your parcel arrives & you find it doesn't look as you imagined it in the picture. Although technology nowadays has alleviated this issue greatly because the quality of photos can be very good, you can enlarge the shot to get a close up view.
3. Reviews
As well as ensuring that your purchase is from a reputable company, make sure that you read some of the reviews.
This can be useful when you are faced with so many choices such as









It can really help when you know what people that have actually purchased an item have to say.
Some of the popular watches you will find are Michael Kors, Skagen, Bulova, Tag Heur, to name just a few that should stand the test of time & look good on your wrist for years to come.
Even though today's technology provides the opportunity to tell the time on your mobile, computer or whatever gizmo you prefer to carry around at all times, for many people there is nothing better than the feeling of a little luxury on their wrist.
So long as the distributor sources its luxury watches from authorized dealers & offers a warranty you should find that you get great pleasure from your timepiece well into the future.

Designer Watches – How to Choose

Some of us tend to confuse luxury watches with jewelry. We also tend to place these two, very different, items in similar categories, but the facts are that timepieces, while stylish, must function with precision and accuracy. Many high fashion designers, such as Michael Kors and others offer watch collections, but how do you know if you are buying a top quality timepiece? Well, there are many ways of determining the value of a watch. Here are some tips and tricks to knowing just how well made your timepiece are:
• Brand name; the reputation of the brand (or designer) is a vital piece of this puzzle. Many fashion designers are well known, but that presence doesn't necessarily add up to a quality reputation. Do a little research to find out about the designers other lines and how well they hold up. You can search through customer blogs and reviews and get a pretty good idea of the workmanship of their goods.
• High end materials; is the piece made from solid materials? You should look for strong metals like steel and gold and the use of sapphire crystals. Another high quality item would be the strap of bracelet. Even if it is made from leather, the leather should be soft and supple.
• Warranty; yes, your designer timepiece should come with an appropriate warranty. The manufacturer should stand behind their product and show that with a proper guarantee.
Many high end designers are trustworthy watchmakers. Follow this advice and be a smart shopper.