Gold Watches Make a Comeback

I noticed that over the past Christmas season that I was seeing more and more gold watches. Long ago gold timepieces were very popular, but in recent years it has felt like that a gold wristwatch had lost much of its appeal. I'm sure there are a few reasons for this trend; number one, gold is expensive and there was a time when no one wore imitation anything. Today, of course, we are much more tolerant of watches that look great, but don't cost a fortune. Another reason for the comeback of gold collections is fashion.
Designers like Michael Kors watches and Gucci have produced many gold pieces and the public absolutely loves them. Many of these timepieces are gold plated over stainless-steel, making them quite affordable. In fact, some of the Michael Kors gold pieces are priced under $250. They have that genuine gold look, without the price tag.
Michael Kors collections of gold pieces come in rose tone and yellow. They make a real statement piece to add to your wardrobe collection and they are seasonally accepted. You can wear a gold watch in the winter months just as easily as you can during the summer. For those who are unfamiliar with plating; it just means that the timepiece or piece of jewelry has been bathed in gold. The inside of the watch is steel, which is strong and durable, but the outside has a real gold coating. Since, this coating doesn't carry all the way through; the steel may show up over time. It is easy and inexpensive to get a gold piece re-plated. You can take it to any fine jeweler for this process.
Gold plating is a process that has been around for many years and now that it has become more mainstream in the watch world, I for one am happy it has. I've been searching through all of the fabulous gold timepieces and can't wait to pick one up for myself. There is something about the look of gold that feels good. It makes you think of success and wealth. Gold is traditionally elegant and takes on a warm appearance on any skin type. It also looks great with diamonds or crystals.
Even if all of your jewelry is silver, you can incorporate a gold timepiece. In fact, if you choose the right gold watch, it may be the only accessory you rock this spring.