The Origins of Don Ed Hardy Fashions

Although too young to know it at the time Don Ed Hardy would later create a world of fashion starting with drawing the greatest tattoos. The Hardy fashion actually started when Don Ed Hardy was only just three when he discovered that he had a passion for drawing. As he got older he found that tattooing allowed him to draw pictures that gave him both a challenge and an opportunity to be an independent agent while developing the potential to be expressive. Because of his relationship with Sailor Jerry he was able to go and live in Japan giving him the break he needed to study with a traditional tattoo master. He would be the first non-Asian to have this honor.
Don ED Hardy not only is one of the best renowned tattoo artists, but along with his wife, Francesca Passalacqua they formed Hardy Marks Publications for which they have written, edited and published many books on alternative art. Among their many publications are the five-book series "Tattootime". Marks publication also published catalogs of Hardy s work including many works from the renowned Sailor Jerry Collins. He also mentors the artists who come up to his San Francisco studio.
Beyond any doubt he has a natural flair for fashion whether it is Tattoos or the clothing fashion.. His unique and very much sought after tattoo designs are apparent in the clothing, rings, fashion handbags, clothing fashion,wallets, belts and jeans. In fact he has a whole range of fashion accessories that are unique and beautifully painted giving the illusion of tattoos. His collection of women s fashion handbags has the most exquisite and amazing colors and are like looking at a grand piece of art.
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