Custom Made Miche Bag Shells – Now Your Miche Handbag Can Be Totally Unique!

How would you like your own Miche hand bag made just for you?
Well now you can have exactly that.  Miche handbags now not only enable you to change the look of your handbag in seconds but also give you the chance to have a designer handbag where you are the designer!
For those who  are not familiar with Miche handbags and bag shells here is a quick resume of how they work. You get a basic  plain black or brown handbag to which you add outer covers, known as shells. These  Miche bag shells attach to the bag with small magnets which are not visible and keep the shell firmly in place. The shells can be removed  and  changed in seconds. You build up a collection of shells so that you can  match your handbag to any outfit. The shells come in a wide range of styles so there is something to suit everyone.
So how  do   you get a custom made Miche bag shell?
Miche handbags now have an online facility set up so that  you can design your bag shell online. Its very straightforward and basically all you need is a suitable photograph to upload.   It can be a photograph of almost anything for example :

a favorite holiday snap

a family portrait

a picture of somewhere you love to go

a photograph of a design you have made yourself

a photo of your pet

The possibilities are endless really. The only limit is your own imagination. So long as you don't infringe any copyright laws of course!